Rhinoplasty can be done for medical or cosmetic reasons. Those seeking cosmetic rhinoplasty will be happy to hear that it has evolved a great deal over the years, and we now have the technology to perform extremely accurate surgeries. Even the slightest imperfection on the nose can now be corrected with rhinoplasty.

Understanding Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty involves the correction of the shape, size, or features of the nose. The areas being corrected depend on the actual problem at hand. This is among the most popular cosmetic surgeries of modern times. After all, a small correction done to the nose goes a long way in changing the overall appearance of the face.

What Can Be Corrected Using Rhinoplasty?

Here are some of the cosmetic corrections that can be made with the help of rhinoplasty:

• The nose can be made to look smaller or bigger than its original size.
• The width and length of the nose can be corrected.
• The size of the nostrils can be altered for those who have large nostrils or irregularly sized nostrils.
• The nose can be adjusted to look more symmetrical.
• The shape of the nasal tip can be changed, which is especially useful for those who have a curved tip or a bulbous tip.
• Injury-related changes in the appearance of the nose can also be rectified efficiently.
• A wide nasal bridge can be narrowed.
• The inclination of the nose with respect to the mouth can be adjusted.

On the whole, from minor corrections in the alignment of the nose to major corrections in the overall nose shape, surgeons can do a great deal with this effective surgery.

The Consultation

During your consultation with a plastic surgeon, it will be best to explain your cosmetic goals so that they can devise a surgery plan. The two of you will talk about the procedure, preliminary steps for preparation, anesthesia, and the recovery process as well.

After the Surgery

There are several types of rhinoplasty depending on the objective of the surgery. Open or closed rhinoplasty is chosen based on the level of correction required. Open rhinoplasty leaves a small post-surgical mark on the columella. Closed rhinoplasty hides incisions inside the nostrils. These options will be discussed during your consultation.

The rhinoplasty procedure starts with administration of anesthesia, often along with a sedative. Once the incisions are created, various aspects of the nose are adjusted as needed to reshape its appearance.

Proper post-surgical care is essential to ensure the best results. Work can often be resumed within a few weeks. The longer the patient rests, the quicker and more efficient the recovery process.

Find Out More – Arrange Your Consultation

If you feel that you need some alterations to your nose, you should start by finding the right surgeon for rhinoplasty. Choose someone with a great deal of experience in the area and numerous satisfied patients. Once you’ve completed this step, it’s best to arrange a consultation.

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