Dr. Carl Lentz now offers women who desire a modest increase in breast size a natural alternative to breast augmentation using their own excess body fat removed through liposuction.

Daytona Beach, Florida (December 2010) – Although breast augmentation with implants is one of the most common reasons women visit Dr. Carl Lentz for plastic surgery in Central Florida, he now offers another option – natural breast augmentation using their own excess body fat. Many women would like to have fuller breasts but don’t like the idea of surgery using breast implants, so they now have a “natural” alternative that uses their own tissue.

“During consultations, women often tell me they wish some of the excess fat in places like their hips or abdomen could just be moved up to give them a little boost in breast size and shape,” explains Central Florida plastic surgeon Dr. Lentz. “While this new procedure isn’t quite that simple, the basic idea is the same and my patients who’ve opted for fat grafting breast enhancement are really loving their results.”

Dr. Lentz’s process for natural breast augmentation begins by priming the breast tissue with a specialized tissue expander. “Before I perform the fat grafting procedure, my patients use a suction device at home called the BRAVA® System for about 4 to 6 hours a day for 3 to 4 weeks,” explains Dr. Lentz. “Plastic domes are placed over the breasts and provide constant, gentle tension that prepares the breast tissue for integration with the transferred fat.”

The natural breast augmentation process that follows involves collecting unwanted fat through liposuction, preparing it for re-implantation, and then injecting it into the breast tissue. Unlike typical liposuction where the condition of the removed fat does not matter, with fat grafting special care is taken to avoid damage to the fat cells and optimize their survival. Once harvested, the fat is carefully purified before being placed through micro injections into the breast tissue.

“First I use liposuction to remove unwanted fat from areas like the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks, which are trouble spots for many women,” says Dr. Lentz. “Then, I enhance the breasts with the specially prepared body fat to make specific areas fuller. The goal is to insert the fat into areas where it will be most likely to survive and reintegrate itself with the body.”

While the improvements with fat grafting breast augmentation are noticeable, it’s important for women who choose this method have realistic expectations. Fat grafting is ideal for providing a subtle enhancement with very natural looking results.

“Through fat grafting it’s possible to provide an increase of approximately 1 cup size,” says Dr. Lentz. “This is a wonderful solution for women who are looking for a modest increase in breast size, but it doesn’t provide the fuller, more predictable results my Daytona Beach, Florida breast augmentation patients get with implants. This technique is a good option for restoring some fullness to the breasts after breast feeding, evening out breast size, and filling in areas that were altered by a lumpectomy or breast reconstruction.”When a woman has little of her own breast tissue,” he continues, “this technique can be used after breast augmentation to soften the look of her implants.”

In addition to avoiding the use of breast implants, there are many other advantages that natural breast augmentation can provide to the right candidates, including minimizing scarring and the risk of capsular contracture. The grafted fat that survives becomes an integrated part of the woman’s body that lasts a lifetime.

“Because the fat we typically harvest for breast augmentation is from diet-resistant areas, these cells are among the last to shrink when a woman loses weight,” says Dr. Lentz. “So, the improvements to breast size and shape usually remain through weight changes. Women are thrilled with their fuller bust line and more shapely thighs and hips, as well as knowing that they can keep their improved shape by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.”

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