Dr. Carl W. Lentz is hosting an event for past, present, and future patients to learn about his Central Florida plastic surgery procedures as well as to celebrate Dr. Lentz’ recent publication on drain-less tummy tuck surgery.

Daytona Beach, Florida (September 2011) – Plastic surgeon Dr. Carl W. Lentz is hosting an informational event, A Time to Talk Tummies, to discuss cosmetic surgery, his recently published research, and the revolutionary technique he’s using for tummy tuck surgery at his Central Florida plastic surgery practice. The event will be held on Thursday, October 20th from 4:30 pm to 7:00 pm and is open to everyone. Attendants will be encouraged to speak with Dr. Lentz and some of his previous patients, and several vendors will be on hand to share information and popular cosmetic products.

The event will have food, wine, music, giveaways, and will provide guests with the opportunity to have all their questions answered. “The event is an opportunity to get to know me and the staff and what makes us unique among plastic surgeons in Florida,” says Dr. Lentz. “It is also a celebration of my recently published research.” The research, which was published in the October issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, centers on a revolutionary technique for tummy tuck that doesn’t use drains and, according to Dr. Lentz “creates beautiful results with a shorter recovery period.”

The drain-less tummy tuck procedure is a technique that’s been developed to improve the healing process after abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck. The procedure works by using progressive tension sutures, which tightly fit the skin and tissue above the muscles to the muscles themselves. The sutures limit the amount of “dead space” in the abdomen that can result with liposuction and abdominoplasty. After a traditional tummy tuck, fluid can accumulate in this “dead” space, which can lead to swelling and discomfort, called “seroma.” Drains are used with traditional tummy tuck to clear away this fluid, and promote faster healing. However, drains can be irritating and unpleasant for patients, although most Central Florida plastic surgeons still use them.

Drain-less tummy tuck eliminates the hassle of drains from the abdominoplasty procedure, while at the same time promoting quick healing. Dr. Lentz says that “What’s remarkable about this procedure is that my patients experience a much more comfortable recovery; they are not required to stay in the hospital overnight and they walk into my practice the next day. By 3 to 7 days, my patients are standing up straight and some are even back to work in 1 week.”

Dr. Lentz explains that while the individual techniques are not new, elements like the progressive tension sutures have been repurposed for this procedure in a way that is innovative. To achieve better results, Dr. Lentz modifies many of the traditional techniques. Dr. Lentz places the scar lower on the abdomen so that it is well-hidden even under a swimsuit and he uses a longer incision, which allows him to attractively sculpt and slim the hips and create an attractive waistline.

Dr. Lentz describes drain-less tummy tuck as a highly effective technique that is truly innovative. “The procedure has been developed over extensive study and work over the past several years and only a small handful of surgeons are offering it. 98% of plastic surgeons do not use this method of abdominoplasty, so it is truly cutting-edge. This is not a new ‘gimmick’ either—there is a great deal of research to support it, and it is providing real results for patients.”

The event is designed to spread awareness about this tummy tuck technique, although attendants are encouraged to ask about any aspect of cosmetic surgery. As an added incentive, attendants who schedule a consultation at the event and subsequently schedule their surgery after consultation will be given 10% off their surgical fees. Dr. Lentz adds, “We look forward to seeing everyone there.”

If you’d like to know more about the procedures Dr. Lentz offers, request a consultation online or by calling his office to schedule a consultation at 386.252.8051.