Breast Procedures

If you have been wishing that your breasts were larger, smaller, or simply shapelier, Dr. Ashley K. Lentz understands. Many women visit her in Ormond Beach for breast enhancement surgery to attain the breast size and shape they desire, while keeping a natural look.

"Communication is the most critical aspect of patient care. Results must match expectations. Without excellent communication, expectations cannot be matched. I spend a lot of time with my patients trying to determine what is the best operation for personal success and achievement of patient goals. "

Your Options

Dr. Ashley K. Lentz meets with women of various ages and diverse backgrounds for breast enhancement surgery. She customizes the following breast procedures to each patient’s unique anatomy and aesthetic goals:

  • Breast augmentation increases breast size using silicone gel implants.
  • Breast lift restores firm, sculpted contours to breasts that have become stretched and saggy.
  • Breast reduction relieves women from the physical and emotional pain caused by their overly large breasts.
  • Breast revisions correct and improve the appearance of previous breast enhancement surgery.

Breast Procedures in Daytona

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation, often termed breast enlargement, involves enhancing breast size and shape using implants or fat grafting. This procedure is sought by individuals desiring increased breast volume, improved symmetry, or restoration after pregnancy or weight loss. Breast augmentation surgery offers a chance to enhance confidence and achieve desired aesthetic goals.

Breast Implant

Breast implant surgery involves the placement of saline or silicone implants to augment breast size or restore volume lost due to various reasons. This procedure aims to create fuller, shapelier breasts and is tailored to individual preferences and anatomy. Breast implant surgery offers versatile options for achieving desired breast aesthetics.

Breast Lift

A breast lift, or mastopexy, elevates and reshapes breasts that have lost firmness or begun to sag due to aging, weight fluctuations, or breastfeeding. This procedure aims to reposition the breasts higher on the chest, providing a more youthful contour and improved breast projection. Breast lift surgery rejuvenates breast appearance, offering a firmer, uplifted look.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery addresses issues related to disproportionately large breasts causing physical discomfort, back pain, or self-consciousness. By removing excess breast tissue and reshaping, this procedure aims to create more proportionate breasts, relieve discomfort, and improve overall quality of life. Breast reduction offers relief from both physical and emotional burdens associated with overly large breasts.

Breast Revision

Breast revision surgery is performed to address complications, dissatisfaction, or changes desired after a prior breast procedure. This comprehensive procedure aims to correct issues such as implant replacement, capsular contracture, size adjustments, or aesthetic modifications, ensuring optimal breast appearance and patient satisfaction.

Consultation Process

Our consultation process for breast procedures involves a personalized approach to understand individual goals and concerns. During the initial consultation, Dr. Lentz conducts a thorough assessment, discusses aesthetic preferences, reviews medical history, and provides detailed information about each procedure, including benefits, risks, and recovery expectations. This comprehensive session aims to ensure that patients are well-informed and confident in their decision-making process.

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Dr. Ashley K. Lentz can safely and skillfully combine many of these breast procedures to give you the look you desire. To learn more about your options, request a consultation online or call 386.252.8051. Patients visit Dr. Ashley K. Lentz at her office in Ormond Beach from surrounding Central Florida cities, as well as across the country.

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Pregnancy can be a wonderful time in any woman’s life, but there are negative effects on the body that many women say they could do without. The strain on the breasts and abdomen often leave a woman needing a tummy tuck or breast enhancement. Central Florida board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ashley Lentz helps mothers get back their pre-pregnancy bodies by combining procedures and reducing recovery time. She offers customized treatment plans to suit their specific body types with Mommy Makeovers.

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