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Pregnancy can be a wonderful time in any woman’s life, but there are negative effects on the body that many women say they could do without. The strain on the breasts and abdomen often leave a woman needing a tummy tuck or breast enhancement. Central Florida board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Carl Lentz and Dr. Ashley Lentz help mothers to get back their pre-pregnancy bodies by combining procedures and reducing recovery time. They offer customized treatment plans to suit their specific body types with his Mommy Makeovers.

Dr. Carl Lentz and Dr. Ashley Lentz have practiced plastic surgery for over 30 years, refining their techniques and developing innovative approaches which improve both comfort and results. Whether you’re having a Mommy Makeover or you’ve chosen a separate treatment from our extensive list of procedures, you can feel confident that you’re in good hands.

Are you ready to visit Dr. Carl Lentz and Dr. Ashley Lentz to see if a Mommy Makeover in Central Florida is right for you? Request a consultation online, or call their office at 386-252-8051. Dr. Carl Lentz and Dr. Ashley Lentz serve patients from throughout Florida as well as those travelling from other parts of the country.

Benefits to You

After giving birth, many women feel that their bodies don’t reflect the active and healthy lifestyles they share with their families. Dr. Carl Lentz and Dr. Ashley Lentz help these mothers bounce back after pregnancy with personalized Mommy Makeovers. Dr. Carl Lentz and Dr. Ashley Lentz recommend this procedure for mothers that want to:

  • Tighten their abdominal muscles and remove extra skin
  • Remove stretch marks caused by pregnancy
  • Enhance breasts that have lost their shape or appear to sag
  • Get rid of small pockets of excess fat left after pregnancy

In your consultation, Dr. Carl Lentz and Dr. Ashley Lentz will discuss your cosmetic goals, and determine the best procedures to help you refresh your appearance. For some women, not all of the procedures will be necessary in helping to create the intended body contour.

What to Expect

Most of Dr. Carl Lentz and Dr. Ashley Lentz Mommy Makeovers begin with a tummy tuck (also called abdominoplasty). Traditional abdominoplasty requires a horizontal incision between the pelvic bones. Abdominal muscles are repaired, and excess fat, tissue, and skin are removed to reveal a firmer and more contoured abdomen. Dr. Carl Lentz and Dr. Ashley Lentz have an advanced solution for helping ease the discomfort of abdominoplasty patients with a “drain-less” tummy tuck procedure. This advanced approach eliminates post-operative tubes and drains, allowing for a more comfortable and relaxed recovery.

Surgeons may also recommend that liposuction be included in your Mommy Makeover to enhance the midsection, or for other areas of the body that have small pockets of unwanted fat. This procedure can also be customized, allowing you to tailor the degree of fat removal to suit your goals.

A number of women also choose breast enhancement as part of their Mommy Makeover. Breast enhancement surgeries may include breast lift, breast reduction or breast augmentation in Central Florida. Regardless of the procedure, breast enhancement can help mothers restore the shape and proportion of their breasts.”

Your Improved Look

After your Mommy Makeover, you will begin to see an improvement in the contours of your body. Swelling will subside, and you will find that it really is possible to be a mother and to have the body you’ve always wanted.

Taking care of yourself is as important as taking care of your family. Mommy Makeovers provide an opportunity for women to teach their families about the importance of having a positive self-image.

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