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Latisse, at Lentz Plastic Surgery located in Ormond Beach, is a prescription treatment for eyelashes that are brittle, pale, thin, and short. It is also recommended for bare patches in the lash line due to eyelash loss. This FDA-approved treatment has been on the market since 2008.

While many people choose to address eyelash issues using mascara or false eyelashes, these solutions are only temporary and only mask the issues. Additionally, false eyelashes can damage a person’s natural lashes. Latisse is a long-lasting solution that promotes natural eyelash growth and rejuvenation.

What Is Latisse?

Latisse is a medication that was conceived after patients and doctors noticed an unexpected side effect of Lumigan, or bimatoprost. Lumigan is an eye drop for glaucoma manufactured by Allergan. It has been in use since 2001, when it was approved by the FDA.

As a side effect of the drug, patients experienced unexpected eyelash rejuvenation. After this, Latisse, a version of bimatoprost, was formulated.

How Does Latisse Work?

The growth process of eyelashes can be compared with the growth process of hair on a person’s scalp. The hair sprouts, grows, and falls out; eyelashes follow this same cycle. Latisse extends the growth phase and increases the volume of hair. It lengthens, darkens, and thickens eyelashes.

Your Consultation

Before Dr. Lentz can prescribe Latisse, she must meet with you for a consultation. During this consultation, she will assess your overall health and the health of your lashes. The two of you will discuss your complete medical history, including any current medications, any pre-existing conditions, and any allergies.

Dr. Lentz will answer any questions you may have regarding the medication and the application process. If she feels that you are a suitable candidate for Latisse, she will write a prescription.

How to Use Latisse

Patients must apply Latisse nightly. They must remove their contact lenses before applying Latisse.

Patients use one of Latisse’s sterile applicators to apply a single drop of Latisse to the upper eyelid, right above the lash line. It should not be applied to the lower eyelid, because the drug spreads there naturally as one blinks.

The applicator must be discarded after one use and must never be reused, as reuse can lead to allergic reactions or eye infections.

After around 15 minutes have passed, patients can reinsert their contact lenses.


Latisse patients notice initial results after around four months. These continue to appear over the next sixteen weeks.

Once patients stop using Latisse, their eyelashes will regain their former appearance. Because of this, after sixteen weeks of using the medication, it is necessary to begin a new course of Latisse treatment.

How Much Does Latisse Cost?

Health insurance does not cover the cost of Latisse. Latisse’s price varies and is dependent on where the patient chooses to fill their prescription. Patients can find out more about the cost of Latisse during their consultation.

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