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Sometimes improving just a single facial feature can make a big difference in your appearance. For example, surgery to correct large, protruding ears can eliminate teasing and self-consciousness for children and adults. Or, for some people, building up a “weak chin” can enhance the whole face by creating balance amongst all of the features. Highly regarded among plastic surgeons in the Orlando area, Dr. Ashley Lentz performs otoplasty (ear surgery) for Daytona Beach and Central Florida residents, as well as facial implants, and a variety of other facial procedures to help their patients feel more attractive and confident.

Are you ready to visit Dr. Ashley Lentz  at the Daytona Beach office to learn more about your cosmetic surgery options? Request a consultation online, or call their office at 386-252-8051. Dr. Ashley Lentz serve patients from Central Florida as well as those traveling from across the country.

Your Options

Dr. Ashley Lentz offers procedures that can subtly fine-tune your facial features, including:

  • Ear surgery: This procedure, appropriate for children or adults, enhances the shape and position of the ears. Dr. Ashley Lentz generally performs otoplasty as an outpatient procedure while the patient is under local or general anesthesia. Most patients can return to their normal routine, including school and work, within a week.
  • Cheek and chin implants: Dr. Ashley Lentz uses facial implants to define and balance facial features. Chin implants can help the jaw look stronger and in better proportion with the face. Cheek implants can give the face a more sculpted and youthful look. These implants can be placed through incisions concealed inside the cheeks or lower lip or under the chin. They can also be combined with another facial procedure such as a face lift or eyelid surgery.
  • Fat grafting: A lasting alternative to dermal fillers, fat grafting enhances one area of the body with fat removed from another area through liposuction. With this procedure, Dr. Ashley Lentz can make a variety of improvements like restoring more youthful, fuller contours of the face, filling in facial depressions, and correcting facial folds, as well as augmenting the cheeks and chin, and adding fullness to the lips. While the body absorbs some of the fat, most of the grafted fat remains indefinitely. Additionally, a restoration of the healthy appearance of the face is augmented by the transfer of stem cells.

Fat Grafting Photos

See some of the remarkable results Dr. Ashley Lentz has achieved for the cosmetic surgery patients when you view before and after pictures of this procedure in our online photo gallery.

View Before & After Photos

During your consultation, Dr. Ashley Lentz will ask you about the areas you’d like to address and explain your treatment options. You can rest assured that they will provide impressive results and a satisfying patient experience.

Your Improved Look

Sometimes it’s the little things that count. Our patients often find that subtle changes can improve their appearance and increase their self-confidence, giving them a more positive outlook on life.

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