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When your nose is in proportion with the rest of your facial features, it blends naturally and gives you a pleasing appearance. If you feel dissatisfied with your nose or have disfigured it through injury, cosmetic nose surgery (rhinoplasty) can help. Dr. Ashley Lentz rhinoplasty patients from Daytona Beach and other Central Florida communities have gained not only a new nose, but also renewed confidence in their appearance.

Dr. Ashley Lentz is board certified by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery, and has been practicing plastic surgery for more than 30 years. With those credentials, you can feel confident that you have the skill of a highly trained and experienced plastic surgeon to help you realize your aesthetic goals. Both of them and their staff care about treating you like a person, not a procedure. She believes that attentive, compassionate listening is essential for positive outcomes.

Rhinoplasty Photos

See some of the remarkable results Dr. Ashley Lentz has achieved for the cosmetic surgery patients when you view before and after pictures of this procedure in our online photo gallery.

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Are you ready to visit Dr. Ashley Lentz in Daytona Beach to see if rhinoplasty is right for you? Request a consultation online, or call the office at 386-252-8051. Dr. Ashley Lentz offer rhinoplasty for Central Florida residents, as well as for those traveling from across the country.

Benefits to You

Rhinoplasty, performed for men and women of all ages, can profoundly transform your facial appearance or achieve a more subtle enhancement. Although people have different motivations for seeking rhinoplasty, most do so to:

  • Re-sculpt the shape, size, width, or angle of the nose
  • Refine nostril shape, size, or position
  • Repair damage or a birth defect
  • Improve or restore breathing

Rhinoplasty can be performed alone or with a face lift or other rejuvenating procedure. Your consultation will begin with an explanation of what you would like to improve. Dr. Ashley Lentz will then carefully analyze your facial proportions so they can create realistic options that will deliver the best possible results for you.

What to Expect

Dr. Ashley Lentz performs rhinoplasty as either an outpatient or inpatient in the hospital. They uses general anesthesia so you remain comfortable throughout the surgery. Rhinoplasty takes about 1 to 2 hours, but can vary depending on the procedure. Dr. Ashley Lentz makes every effort to conceal or minimize scarring, including creating most incisions inside the nose when possible.

Recovery time varies considerably among patients. However, you can expect to return to work approximately 1 week after surgery and resume your regular activities, including exercise, within 3 weeks. Any bruising or swelling will fade gradually, and within a few weeks you will begin enjoying your new look.

Your Improved Look

Your rhinoplasty results will be visible soon after surgery, with subtle changes continuing for up to a year. If you’re like most patients who decide to have nose surgery, your newly enhanced appearance will help you feel satisfied and self-confident.

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