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Face Reconstruction

Craniofacial deformities or injuries can be rebuilt through surgical face reconstruction in Ormond Beach. Accident-related traumas, previous surgeries, burns, and illness can all lead to malformed or disproportionate facial structures. Facial reconstruction surgery is performed to restore functionality and appearance, improving quality of life.

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What Is Face Reconstruction?

Face reconstruction is a type of surgical procedure used to correct, repair, or restructure craniofacial aspects. It is an invasive process and can involve taking grafts of bone, skin, and other tissue from other parts of the body. It also involves microvascular reconstruction or connecting the vessels of the grafted tissue with new vessels to ensure success.

The delicacy of the process requires the expertise of Dr. Ashley K. Lentz, a board-certified plastic surgeon with a great deal of experience in reconstructive surgery.

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Is Face Reconstruction Right for Me?

If you have congenital defects, or if you have deformations due to illness or trauma, then you may be an ideal candidate for face reconstruction surgery. You can also undergo this form of craniofacial surgery if you have a cleft palate, deformed ears, or nasal structural issues. Fractures and scars may also be addressed using face reconstruction procedures.

For patients in need of facial reanimation following facial nerve paralysis, or Bell’s palsy, facial reconstruction may be a recommended treatment option. Ideal candidates do not have any pre-existing conditions that could affect the healing process.

Your Consultation

Your initial consultation at Lentz Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa will include a physical examination of the areas requiring reconstruction. Dr. Lentz will evaluate your medical history. You may be asked about pre-existing conditions, allergies, and current medications.

Imaging and other diagnostic tests may be requested to formulate the best approach for your concerns. A discussion of post-operative care will be included to prepare you for the recovery process.

The Procedure

Facial reconstruction surgery is done under general anesthesia. Depending on the severity of the condition, the process can take four hours or more. Bones may be cut, and tissues will be placed or moved. After this, the nerves and blood vessels are reconnected.

Plates and screws may be used in order to hold bone grafts in place. Even implants can be added to fill in gaps for restoration of contours. The treatment sites will be bandaged, and recovery instructions will be given before the patient is sent home.

The Recovery Period

The extent of work done will impact the downtime and recovery time needed. Swelling, bruising, and pain will be experienced initially, but you will be given medication to alleviate these. It can take weeks to months before the swelling fully subsides.

Avoid engaging in strenuous activities for the first several weeks. You may return to school or work once proper healing is underway.

You will be asked to come back after a few weeks for follow-up appointments. This is important so that Dr. Lentz can gauge your healing progress.

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Function and a more natural appearance can be restored to your facial structures with face reconstruction in Ormond Beach. Contact Lentz Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa today to schedule your consultation and learn more about how you can benefit from reconstructive surgery.

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