Many women are dissatisfied with the size and shape of their breasts. They may feel that the size is not enough to match up to the rest of their body. Small-breasted women not only bear the brunt of social stigma, they also have trouble finding clothing that fits correctly. Aging can make things worse, as the breasts tend to lose perkiness and start to sag. What does one do when they are plagued with these issues, which can be difficult to even discuss with friends or loved ones?

The Breast Lift with Implants

A breast lift is typically done for breasts that are sagging due to old age or breastfeeding. To lift the breasts, an incision is made and the tissues are pulled upwards to reposition the breast and the nipple-areolar complex.

Breast augmentation with implants is performed to make the breasts larger and give them more projection. An incision is made and then prosthetic implants are placed to add volume to the breasts.

You’ve heard of breast lifts and breast implants, but did you know that you could get both together to get larger and perkier breasts? A combined breast augmentation and lift can have double the benefits. In many cases, doctors advise women getting breast implants to also get a breast lift in order to make sure that the breasts do not sag more because of the implants. This makes the breasts look rounder, perkier, and more youthful.

How Is It Done

You will be on anesthesia during the procedure in order to prevent any pain or discomfort. To perform the surgery, an incision is made and then the chosen breast implant is placed. When the implant is positioned in a way that is satisfactory, excess skin is removed in order to lift the breast. Once that is done, the incisions are sutured closed.

You must avoid vigorous activities for a while. The area will be tender and will need special care. There might be slight swelling or bruising, which will heal shortly.

The Benefits

The benefits of the breast lift with implants are twofold, in that you get to enjoy the results of both procedures. While the implants make your breasts fuller and give them increased volume, the breast lift makes sure that the sag and droopiness is removed. The lift aspect also makes sure that your breasts are positioned correctly to make them look youthful and symmetrical.

Perfect breasts can also do a lot to boost a person’s morale. It can have a huge effect on their confidence and even their wardrobe preferences.

Make an Appointment for a Helpful Consultation

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