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Browlifts – Daytona Beach Blepharoplasty

As time takes a toll on your appearance, you may notice that a serious, tired, or sad expression has etched itself permanently on your face. This is often a product of aging and the loss of skin elasticity around the eyebrows. Browlifts are cosmetic procedures that can rejuvenate your appearance and give you a more youthful, refreshed appearance.

Browlifts are performed by making an incision along the hairline above the forehead. This is performed along with general or local anesthesia to ensure the patient is comfortable. The incision is made to enable the practitioner to remove excess sagging skin and tighten looseness of the forehead. This creates a lifted, youthful expression and alleviates sagging.

Consult with an experienced practitioner like Dr. Ashley K. Lentz to learn more about the benefits of browlifts.

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