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Constantly Tired Eyes? Blepharoplasty Can Help You

Many people have extra fat around their eyes that causes noticeable bulging in their lower eyelids. Fat tissues that are deposited in these areas are not related to weight gain or weight loss as is the case with many other parts of the body.

Instead, the tissues that keep fat in position get weaker over time, causing the fat to sag. Little bags are created that can become more noticeable as you age. The groove underneath the lower eyelid can also become more prominent, which adds to this tired look.

The excess skin on the eyelids can also give you a more aged or tired look. It won’t matter if you get four hours of sleep or fourteen – you may just look perpetually exhausted.

Being told that you look tired all the time can get exhausting. This problem can be permanently addressed with a blepharoplasty. This procedure can help you look more awake, refreshed, and rejuvenated.

Blepharoplasty Surgery

Blepharoplasty is an eyelid-correction procedure. It addresses excess drooping skin, muscles, and fat bags from the eyelids. Based on the patient’s needs, blepharoplasty can be functional or cosmetic.

Functional blepharoplasty is performed due to medical reasons. People opt for this treatment to remove loose skin from the upper eyelids that is causing them to sag, impairing vision. Cosmetic blepharoplasty, on the other hand, is performed with the sole aim of improving one’s appearance.

What Can Blepharoplasty Be Used to Treat?

Blepharoplasty can treat:
• Hooding of the upper eyelids
• Bags under the eyes
• Excess skin covering the natural fold of the eyelids
• Loose skin hanging from the upper eyelids
• Tired-looking or puffy lower eyelids
• Drooping lower eyelids
• Fine lines on the upper eyelids, the lower eyelids, or both

What Happens During a Blepharoplasty Treatment?

The details of the blepharoplasty procedure will depend on whether you require surgery on the upper eyelids, the lower lids, or both. Generally, the procedure will take one to two hours. It will always start with administration of anesthesia for patient comfort.

Upper-Eyelid Blepharoplasty: Dr. Lentz will make an incision in the natural crease at the top of your upper lid. He will remove the excess skin and tighten sagging muscle tissue. He will then close the incision with fine dissolvable sutures.

Lower-Eyelid Blepharoplasty: Dr. Lentz will make an incision along the lower lash line or on the inside of the lower lid. He will remove or reposition fat as needed and remove excess skin. The incision will be sealed with sutures.

Your Results

Blepharoplasty results are long-lasting. After surgery, the aging process will continue, but if you look after your skin and avoid sun exposure, you are likely to enjoy your results for at least 10 to 12 years.

Take the First Step

It’s time to start looking more alert and awake with the help of a blepharoplasty. Get in contact with the office of Dr. Carl Lentz, a board-certified plastic surgeon with numerous satisfied patients, and set up your blepharoplasty consultation.