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Coolsculpting – How It Works – Daytona Beach

A revolutionary new cosmetic procedure, Coolsculpting offers people a chance to reshape and eliminate stubborn fat deposits. Recently approved by the FDA, the relatively new cosmetic technique was developed by world-class scientists working out of the laboratories of Massachusetts General Hospital. Now, with the expertise of a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Ashley K. Lentz, Coolsculpting is available to you.

Coolsculpting, technically known as cryolipolysis, is growing in popularity, as it is a non-invasive, convenient means of eliminating fat from stubborn areas such as the love handles or the muffin top. The Coolsculpting device exposes the targeted area of the body to a controlled cooling over time that eventually causes cell death of fat. Eventually, the body will naturally metabolize the dead fat cells over the months following the procedure.

If you are curious about what Coolsculpting can do for your beauty goals, please contact us at our office in Daytona Beach.