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How Do I Get Back to How I Used to Look Before Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience for mothers. The feeling of bringing a bundle of joy into the world is beyond compare. Pregnancy is a life-changing experience, but it leaves behind a few reminders of its effects. The body undergoes a number of changes to prepare the new mother for her role.

Many women notice that their body is not like how it was before pregnancy. The stomach is no longer flat, the breasts may become disproportionate, and new pockets of excess fat have appeared.

These sudden changes in appearance can make a woman feel insecure. Luckily, there is a way to cosmetically restore the appearance of their post-pregnancy bodies: a mommy makeover.

The mommy makeover is a package of plastic-surgery procedures designed to recontour and rejuvenate multiple areas of the body, including the stomach and breasts.

The Stomach

The belly carries the burden of undergoing the maximum amount of change during pregnancy. A pregnant belly will stretch out the skin and muscles to a significant extent.

No matter how much you exercise or watch your diet, the stretched-out sagging skin cannot naturally return to its former size and firmness. Additionally, the loose muscles of the abdominal wall cannot easily return to their strong and tight state.

Luckily, there are some cosmetic enhancements that can be undertaken to flatten the tummy again. These can be undertaken during a tummy tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty.

In this procedure, Dr. Lentz will remove the excess skin on your belly and tighten the core muscles in your abdomen. Certain stretch marks may be eliminated during this process.

You can also opt for a liposuction procedure to remove pockets of excess fat that have formed on the stomach. This procedure can be used all over the body to restore its pre-pregnancy contours.

The Breasts

The breasts expand during pregnancy to prepare for lactation. After pregnancy, the sudden changes in the body can cause your breasts to sag, become disproportionate, or remain too large for the natural proportions of the body. Several women opt for breast procedures to restore their former appearance.

If your breasts are sagging after breastfeeding, you can opt for a breast-lift procedure. Here, excess skin is removed to bring the breasts back to their previous placement, restoring firmness, perkiness, and symmetry.

If your breasts have experienced a reduction in volume, breast augmentation with implants may be needed. During this process, pockets are created in the breast tissues and then silicone or saline implants are inserted to enhance size and projection.

Women who wish to decrease the size of their breasts can opt for a breast-reduction procedure. The surgery will involve the removal of excess fat, skin, and glandular breast tissue.

The Recovery Process After a Mommy Makeover

Because post-pregnancy mommy makeovers combine several surgical procedures, patients must take adequate rest afterwards. You will need to stay home from work for a time, and you will have to wait for four to six weeks before resuming strenuous physical activities like workouts and sports.

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Mommy makeovers have gained popularity due to their high success rates. If you want to bring back your pre-pregnancy body, visit Dr. Ashley K. Lentz to find out more about the best options for your mommy makeover. Dr. Lentz is an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon and will be avail for a consultation – contact us today to schedule yours.