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Plastic Surgery Blog Ormond Beach

Are you looking for a trusted source for insightful information on plastic surgery, aesthetics, and overall well-being? We at Lentz Plastic Surgery are thrilled to have you here! We invite you to embark on a journey of knowledge and discovery, taking the first step in educating yourself about plastic surgery in Ormond Beach

As you explore our blog, you’ll find a rich collection of articles with in-depth insights, guidance, and the latest industry trends, allowing you to enjoy these benefits: 

  • Making Informed Decisions – Blogs provide detailed information about various procedures, helping readers make informed decisions about what’s right for them.
  • Setting Realistic Expectations – Reading about patient experiences and outcomes can help set realistic expectations for the results of a procedure.
  • Learning Recovery Tips – Blogs often include recovery advice, allowing readers to prepare for post-surgery care and manage their expectations about downtime.
  • Discovering Expert Insights – Many blogs are authored by experienced surgeons who share their expertise, giving readers access to professional insights.
  • Gaining Safety Awareness – Blogs often discuss potential risks and complications, promoting safe decision-making.
  • Understanding Cost Considerations – Understanding the costs associated with different surgical cosmetic procedures can be crucial in financial planning.
  • Discovering Alternative Options – Blogs may present alternative treatments or procedures that readers might not have considered.
  • Preparing Emotionally  – Knowing what to expect emotionally can help readers prepare for the psychological aspects of surgery.
  • Building Confidence – Being well-informed and prepared can boost a patient’s confidence and reduce anxiety about the surgical journey.

Meeting Dr. Lentz

Reading our blog also equips you for your initial consultation with our surgeon, Dr. Ashley Lentz. 

A proud Daytona Beach native, she is a highly accomplished surgeon with deep roots in the community. After graduating from the University of Florida’s Medical School, she honed her surgical skills during General and Plastic Surgery residencies, earning accolades. Additionally, Dr. Lentz also completed a Pediatric Plastic Surgery Fellowship.

Her dedication to teaching led them back to UF, where she received numerous teaching awards and even spearheaded cleft lip and palate mission trips to Honduras. Dr. Lentz continues the family legacy of exceptional plastic and reconstructive surgery in Daytona Beach, offering both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures while cherishing time with her own family.

For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!