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Which Incision Sites Can Be Used for Mastopexy Surgery?

Mastopexy, more commonly referred to as a breast lift, is a surgery performed with the goal of raising sagging breasts. The surgery accomplishes this by removing excess skin and tightening the tissues surrounding the breasts in order to reshape as well as support the new breast contours.

The Different Incision Patterns for Mastopexy Surgery

There are various incision patterns that can be used in mastopexy surgery. The choice of which incision pattern to use will have a major impact on the final results of the procedure, so it’s important to know about them before you come in for a consultation. Let’s have a look at them:

The Anchor Lift

Dr. Lentz most frequently uses this type of incision. The anchor lift is best used for women whose breasts are experiencing a major degree of sag. It is often used in tandem with a breast reduction in order to remove more excess tissue.

The anchor lift involves the creation of an incision around the areola. Another incision is made vertically down from the areola to the breast crease, and another is made in a horizontal curve along the breast crease.

The Lollipop Lift

Doctors use the lollipop lift on women whose breasts sag moderately. Just like with the anchor lift, it involves an incision around the areola. It also features the vertical incision down from the areola to the breast crease. However, this option does not require the curving horizontal incision, making it less invasive.

The Donut Lift

The donut lift, or periareolar lift, involves an incision made around the areola and another slightly larger concentric incision made around this. Women with a moderate to mild degree of sagging should feel comfortable with this lift. Because this method results in the least amount of tissue being removed, it typically results in the shortest recovery time.

After the Breast Lift

Once the preferred incisions have been created, the excess skin has been trimmed away, and the remaining tissues have been tightened, the incisions are closed using surgical sutures. The area is dressed appropriately to prevent outside contaminants from getting in.

Tubes called drains may be inserted into the surgical area. These are temporarily placed to carry excess fluids out of the region, helping to avoid post-surgical complications like hematomas and seromas.

Once you are home and relaxing after your breast lift, you will need to take time off from work to allow your tissues to heal. Typically, taking at least one week off from your job is recommended.

You will also need to wear a supportive post-surgical bra without underwire during your healing process. This will help the swelling go down.

Schedule a Mastopexy Consultation

If you’d like to know more about mastopexy surgery and the incision techniques that can be used for it, contact our office and schedule an appointment for an informative consultation. Speaking with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ashley K. Lentz will give you a much better idea of what the procedure will be like and what it can accomplish.