Are you starting to lose facial volume as you age? With loss of volume, your face starts to appear tired and hollow. Loss of facial fat can also occur due to extreme weight loss and genetics. Luckily, there are ways to correct these issues.

The market is full of facial fillers like Juvederm, Bellafill, and Restylane. These dermal-filler treatments are perfectly safe and FDA approved, but they are not very long-lasting and dissolve over time. You deserve a longer-lasting solution.

What Is Facial Fat Grafting?

Facial fat grafting is a cosmetic surgical procedure that allows you to extract fat from trouble areas of your body and transfer it to fill the hollow areas in your face. Usually, 10 to 50cc of fat are injected. The exact amount depends on the facial area that has been outlined for treatment.

The most commonly treated areas are the cheeks, the nasolabial folds, and undereye troughs. Other facial areas may also be treated depending on your individual needs.

The fat extraction is carried out via gentle liposuction. But because the volume of fat removed isn’t very high, general anesthesia need not be administered; local anesthesia with sedation does the trick.

What Are the Advantages of Facial Fat Grafting?

Facial fat grafting is long-lasting. Your body adapts to keep transferred fat cells alive and healthy in their new location. In contrast, filler products will not last in the body and will gradually fade.

This procedure can also improve skin quality. Fat contains stem cells, which stimulate growth of collagen and elastin in the overlying skin to make it look more youthful.

Unlike other facial-filler treatments, no chemical substances are injected to create volume during facial fat grafting. Because of this, the risk of infection is almost non-existent. You are simply shifting your own body fat from an area where it may not be required to an area that could use some added volume.

Is Facial Fat Grafting Safe?

Facial fat grafting is extremely safe in nature and has undergone numerous clinical trials. This surgical procedure is carried out in an outpatient facility and should only be performed by an experienced medical professional.

You can expect your face to look young and vivacious after you’ve undergone facial fat grafting. The procedure corrects any unwanted hollows and troughs in your face that may be making your face look unduly aged and tired.

Setting Up Your Fat-Grafting Consultation

Don’t settle for a hollow and aged appearance. If you’re interested in improving your facial profile with fat grafting, arrange an appointment for a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ashley K. Lentz in Daytona Beach.

During your consultation, Dr. Lentz will perform an evaluation of your face and the donor fat areas. The two of you will discuss any concerns and expectations you may have, along with your complete medical history and the details of the procedure. You will also be able to look at before-and-after photos.

Contact our office and set up a consultation about facial fat grafting today.